This application platform designed for cities and municipalities provides quick and easy access to applications from different cloud producers.® is an app store that significantly contributes to the efficient local government operations and helps simplify and improve the quality of electronic services for citizens. Essential services include Mandatory Disclosure, Digital Government, Records Management, Electronic Auctions, Reporting and City Budgeting.

Available to residents are Online Forms, Filing, Decisions and Payments, and the City mobile application. An advantage for users is integration of back office information systems applications so they are available to everyone to implement without any additional investments.

These applications can be downloaded to cover current needs and customers only pay for the apps they actually use, with many services available for activation by customers within 24 hours!

The solution is built on a client-server architecture using MS SQL Server, while the presentation layer uses the PowerBuilder platform. The solution meets current legislated security standards and requirements by public authorities. The system architecture transfers most of the processing burden and security management to the serve, reducing hardware demands on the client.®



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