NEWBORN is a mobile application for collecting, transmitting and sharing structured and audio-visual data about young patients while they are being transported to a specialised department and for follow-up treatment.

It helps streamline doctors’ work and simplify processes for patients, provides additional information for diagnoses, shares current data between multiple medical teams and most of all provides the extra precious minutes needed to save critically ill newborns.

NEWBORN was developed in collaboration with Neonatology Department Head Dr Peter Krcho at the Children's University Hospital in Kosice, who was the first physician in Slovakia to employ it and can provide aid to up to 150 children per year in the region. A medical team gets all available information on the condition and results of young patients while they are being transferred, giving doctors vastly improved options for stabilising newborns.

This innovative solution is unique in all Central Europe, and DATALAN has been awarded Microsoft Partner of the Year globally for its contribution to the healthcare field.

The application streamlines doctors’ work while they are transporting a newborn and helps them accurately and quickly diagnose critically ill newborns. A tablet lets rescue teams document a patient’s condition and consult directly with experts at the clinic about the situation. The cloud infrastructure makes all information available to the clinic before the newborn arrives. The tablet also communicates with a mobile ultrasound device, receiving data to be added to the patient’s overall record of its condition before and while it is transported. All data is safely gathered at one spot and is available for follow-up treatment.



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