A comprehensive hospital information system designed for effective management of hospitals, healthcare providers and laboratories, it handles health records and provides reports on financial management, resources deployed used and health care.

The services and functionality provided in ORDINIS® modules fully meets the specific needs of clinics, inpatient departments, operating rooms, laboratories, blood stations, pharmacies, and microbiological departments. Its modularity also enables individual modules to work separately and the product can be adapted to the specific requirements of medical facilities.

The system lets users work with comprehensive records ranging from patient administration and pharmaceutical policy to insurance company reporting and management outputs.

The system is used not only in Slovakia, but in other countries like the Czech Republic and Oman, too!

Solution in the areas:
- Hospital information systems
- Microbiological information systems
- Pharmacy information systems
- Transfusion information systems
- Laboratory information systems
- Insurance companies

Selected customers:
- FINHOSP III, s.r.o. (Bánovce Hospital)
- FINHOSP PLUS, s.r.o. (Handlová Hospital)
- GPN s.r.o., Bratislava
- National Cancer Institute, Bratislava
- Nemocnica Košice-Šaca a.s., 1st Private Hospital
- Nemocnica Poprad, a.s.
- MUDr. L. Nádaši Jégé Hospital and Polyclinic, Dolný Kubín
- Hospital and Policlinic, Považská Bystrica
- St. Elizabeth Cancer Institute, specialised facility in Bratislava
- Hronovce Psychiatric Hospital and others
- Blansko Hospital, district general hospital
- District hospitals, Jindřichův Hradec

A comprehensive solution built on technological standards in the Oracle environment. All modules are integrated over a single database and patient data (also filed) are available online in real time. No requirement to synchronise, all results and entries accessible to the authorised users when release is recorded.


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