A comprehensive information system for local governments that effectively and transparently manages financial and administrative according to applicable legislation.

KORWIN® is also available in both Software and Service mode at®, a cloud portal. More than 360 cities and municipalities, educational institutions, government agencies and government subsidised organisations in Slovakia with over 2,300 users have it.

The information system is used in particular for budget forecasting, tax and local fee summaries and to draw project funds. The system also provides an overview of civil and demographic information, businesses and reporting city or municipality institutions.

Functionalities that can expand to fit current requirements with a balanced price and performance ratio provide 100% flexibility.

Revenue (Taxes and Fees, Financing, Property)
Administration (Resolutions and Ordinances, Complaints, Representatives, Requests for Information)
Registration of Citizens and Businesses
Land Registry
Elections and Referenda
Social Module
City Police
Budgetary System
Records Management
Electronic Auctions
Digital Government
Activity management

The solution is built on a client-server architecture using MS SQL Server, while the presentation layer uses the PowerBuilder platform. The solution meets current legislated security standards and requirements by public authorities. The system architecture transfers most of the processing burden and security management to the serve, reducing hardware demands on the client.

Selected customers:
Cities: Nové Zámky, Spišská Nová Ves, Bardejov, Piešťany, Topoľčany, Šaľa, Vranov nad Topľou, Snina, Handlová , Galanta, Kysucké Nové Mesto, Levoča, Veľký Krtíš, Zlaté Moravce, Myjava, Svidník, Sabinov, Bytča, Kolárovo, Hurbanovo, Vysoké Tatry, Krompachy, Trstená, Rajec, Gbely, Modrý Kameň, Žarnovica, Kráľovský Chlmec, Želiezovce, Šahy, Gelnica, Turčianske Teplice, Čierna nad Tisou, Vrútky, Spišská Belá, Sliač, Svit, Námestovo, Nová Baňa, Bojnice, Vrbové, Nováky, Brezová pod Bradlom.

Neighbourhoods: Bratislava - Petržalka, Košice - Západ, Bratislava - Lamač, Bratislava - Devín, Bratislava - Rusovce, Košice - Šaca, Košice - Nad jazerom, Košice - Ťahanovce, Košice - Sídlisko KVP, Košice - Barca , Košice - Staré Mesto, Bratislava - Čunovo, Bratislava - Jarovce, Košice - Juh.

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