SR General Prosecutor’s Office
Computerization services

The computerization of services project to streamline and increase the quality and availability of SR GP’s service provision through the new information system.

The project started in 2012 and was comprehensively completed in November 2015. 
Press release at the beginning of the project:  Criminal notifications can already be submitted electronically
DATALAN was involved in the comprehensive implementation, from the design of the communication infrastructure through the strategy of the integration works, the setting, and acceptance of the project work packages of the internal teams and subcontractors, to the financial and project management of Eurofund projects. The project was challenging both in terms of content and technology implementation, also due to the specifics of state administration, the internal rules of state administration organizations, international character, as well as legislative regulation.

The main focus of the project was:
1. administrative simplification for the living situation of citizens for achieving the issuing of an electronic statement and extract from the criminal register for citizens,
2. connection to the selected judicial systems of EU Member States with electronic document exchange,
3. proactively inform participating persons on the status of the proceedings regarding a specific case in the Prosecutor's Office,
4. the introduction of e-Justice elements and the digitization of prosecutorial files to speed up work and increase the transparency of the prosecutor’s action.

See the TA3 news report 

As Miloslav Hečko, Head of the SR GP Department of Informatics, stated: “The biggest innovation is certainly the use of electronic or the mobile file of the prosecutor, also using a unique solution for the automatic transcription of voice and a guaranteed electronic signature.” Into the electronic file there are classified incoming electronic documents and digitized paper documents from the police, courts, participating parties, etc. The measures and decisions of the prosecutor, information on prosecuted persons and an announcement of crimes are automatically provided electronically to other law enforcement agencies and the courts. The benefit is also searching in text documents and in metadata files, control of files by the subordinate prosecutors’ offices, and keeping the original form of the files after alterations.What is significant is the shift towards citizens. For them there was launched the issuance of electronic extract from the criminal register on the basis of an electronic application, while the process takes place online and the applicant is notified of various stages of the process. “A plus is also the proactive informing of participating persons on the state of proceedings at the SR GP, the possibility of an electronic announcement on an offense or the extension of access points to the services of prosecutor’s office,” said Hečko.

Minimizing personal visits to SR GP Criminal Register work center.
Raise the awareness of the people involved in civil and criminal proceedings.
Electronic filing of a criminal offense announcement.
Expanding access to the services of the prosecutor’s office through integrated service points.

More efficient work and faster sharing of information through electronic files.
Facilitating access to information through a mobile file.
Better protection against falsifying documents and additional changes thanks to advanced electronic signatures.
Improving inter-ministry communication, the creation of new functionalities for the intranet and extranet.

The possibility of taking any original electronic document signed by electronic signature from agencies acting in criminal proceedings and the courts.
Writing information from agencies acting in criminal proceedings and the courts into IS prosecution and the criminal register.
Integration and linking of IS prosecutor on selected judicial systems of EU Member States with an electronic document exchange.
Sending notifications and updates through the online system to criminal registers in the corresponding EU state

„So far, the practice had been that citizens could announce a crime either in person to the police or the public prosecutor in writing or when the announcement was delivered to the relevant acting authority in the criminal proceedings. The new system allows citizens to make such an announcement directly from their place of residence, or wherever they have a computer, through which they have possible access to the central public administration portal.”

Deputy Attorney General           


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