Cargo Slovakia
Outsourcing for management of terminal equipment

An effective method for managing terminal equipment for thousands of users – employees of railway companies.

DATALAN has implemented universal coverage of user administration with central reporting and management of service rendered. The project included defining an SLA and spare parts and equipment warehouses throughout the SR.

In order to enhance end user support and servicing of terminal equipment, DATALAN implemented outsourcing management for Cargo Slovakia. After a contract is signed, spare parts and equipment to be used for taking service-related action were delimited at different support branches, so the SLA can be guaranteed even in remote locations throughout Slovakia. Cargo is provided response services 24/7 along with IMACD services in order to gradually replace its technology.

- Clearly described method of how services operate
- Improved response by technicians to service requirements, fulfilment of SLA
- Overview of spare parts and equipment records
- Reduced internal costs for the customer

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