Technical University of Trnava
Information (Document and Content Management) at all faculties

This project to streamline management of documents and university processes through modern IT is currently a prerequisite for academia to provide quality education.

DATALAN implemented management information system that lets the university put in place the computerisation of a number of contracts, internal regulations, minutes of meetings, and also processes such as commenting and approval of documents, reservation of rooms, recording of tasks, and the administration of registries and electronic forms. The use of the latest technologies is a key element towards a knowledge-based society, while optimising administration and management of the university as a whole.

The implemented ISSM is a solution customised for the University, and all the needs and requirements of the academic institution were taken into account while it was developed. In-depth analyses of documentation, processes and of registry and university forms were the basis for its development. The resulting solution provides a clear and coherent form of managing various document types and related processes at the university with comprehensive file management, ensuring the use of digitalised standard forms at the university.

The whole information system consists of two parts, which includes closely related individual module: a part to manage documents, processes and forms and a part for managing files and scanning.

Individual modules based on the roles they play and actions inside them are accessible according to applicable user privileges. There is clearly guaranteed information security and a correct setup of how individual modules should be operated by competent persons responsible for the activities being undertaken at the university.

- Streamlining administration and management at the university
- Creation of a communications environment conducive for exchanging information
- Facilitating access to information
- Automation of individual processes

The system is one of the elements to maintaining the quality of university education provided at our university, namely being successful in maintaining its position as an institution concentrating science and education resources and the professional expertise of people relying on traditional values.

Associate Professor Marek ŠMID, JD, PhD

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