Children's University Hospital, Košice
A mobile application that helps save lives

Newborn is a mobile solution used in the transport, diagnosis and treatment of critically ill newborns that lets doctors provide little patients with assistance faster and more efficiently.


A newborn in critical condition battling for life at a local hospital. Examination, diagnosis by doctors. Transport to Košice necessary. An ambulance. Consultation about the diagnosis and further treatment at the clinic. Time is running out. Difficult communication under pressure. Findings verified, repeated examinations. Every minute crucial. A complication, original data lost! Everyone does what they can...
Stories like this didn’t always used to have always a happy ending. The biggest problem was lack of time, time that could have been saved with more effective communication.

How to streamline communication when a life is at risk:

Peter KRCHO, MD, PhD, Head of the Neonatology Clinic at Children's University Hospital in Košice was the first to come up with the idea. He saw in his daily practice the need for “something” to save time and let him help patients while they were being transported, so it would no longer be necessary to diagnose and identify illnesses first in the ambulance and then again in the hospital.
DATALAN, Microsoft Slovakia and Intel got involved in the project by providing financial and technological support. Together a comprehensive system was designed, developed and implemented to collect, transmit and share structured data about patients during transport to a specialised office and also while they were being further treated.
NEWBORN was the mobile application created after a period of intensive development. It is now fully operational and helping to save the lives of up to 150 newborns each year.

What NEWBORN offers:

How does it look today thanks to DATALAN?

A newborn in critical condition battling for life at a local hospital, followed by an examination by doctors. The examination progresses and the results are immediately recorded on a tablet and itemised structurally in the application. Medical staff prepare a video from the examination and record comments. Data from the ultrasound tests are saved automatically on the tablet.
When the patient’s condition needs to be documented during transport or a current situation has to be discussed with experts at the clinic, the application allows live consultation through the cloud infrastructure. All recorded data is available immediately to the medical team at the clinic, where they are fully informed up to 2 hours before the ambulance arrives and ready for the next steps necessary to save a life.
Everything is quick and convenient, no data is lost or forgotten.


The project has been recognised with prestigious awards at the international level for the clear benefits the solution brings and use of mobile technologies to save lives. This has led to DATALAN becoming Microsoft Partner of the Year.

We have to be flexible and take advantage of all the opportunities technology offers to benefit patients. Here is a new unique solution helping us to save precious time, which is often decisive in saving lives. A newborn infant can be initially diagnosed at a local hospital and the data sent electronically, with no need to wait until the child arrives at the clinic – it gets the needed help directly while it is being transferred and a doctor who has been informed and is prepared will take care of the baby when it arrives.

MUDr. Peter KRCHO, PhD.
Head of the Neonatology Clinic


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