Slovak Technical University in Bratislava
Cloud Infrastructure

A modern cloud infrastructure and data centre for research located in a science park that can optimally and dynamically allocate hardware sources according to the needs of individual projects.

The cloud solution contains a total of 736 computing cores and provides more than 10 TB of RAM memory for the cloud along with storage systems for more than 100 TB of gross capacity.

The project involved the supply of cloud infrastructure and the creation of an industry-leading data centre. The cloud solution combining IaaS and PaaS cloud services offers quick operation of services, scalability, and advanced management for both virtualised and cloud environments. The system is remarkable because it allows single management of the cloud environment on RISC and CISC platforms at the same time.

The delivery also includes a desktop cloud solution that allows up to 2,208 desktops to be simultaneously configured, while integrated at the management level with a private cloud that lets us manage the entire system from a single location. It is also easy to manage heterogeneous environments, which can be integrated with third-party technologies.

The solution brings customers a “low-touch” infrastructure designed with the intention of reducing the number of manual errors, increasing security and compliance and provide higher productivity in managing the solution. The system’s benefits also include advanced life cycle management to control and optimise the virtual environment for greater effectiveness and fast operation of services with high scalability, meeting growth requirements with almost immediate deployment of hundreds of virtual machines.

- Improved IT support and operation efficiency, simplified upgrades and migrations to newer operating systems
- Consistent desktop environment, the desktop as a cloud service
- Lower risk, enhanced security and compliance with regulations

We are educating top information specialists at the facility, so we need solutions that really allow us to work effectively in different projects with both students and experts in various places around the world. We have high, but realistic expectations about the Data Centre.

Associate Professor Ing Pavel ČIČÁK, PhD.
Dean, Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies

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