DCOM - Electronic Local Government Services

Electronic services to be delivered by the national Project DCOM (Municipal Data Centre) will significantly improve communication with local governments and mediate access even for the general public to government eServices.

DCOM focuses on computerisation of public administration and development of electronic services for cities and municipalities. Making eServices available to the general public will shorten administrative time in offices and increase their transparency.

Local governments facing new challenges in the 21st century:How to expand the number of services that should be provided by local government while improving the level of them. How municipalities in Slovakia will be able to introduce electronic services without having to build their own information systems. Can all cities and most municipalities be involved in the project at almost no charge? Since DATALAN has for a long time been supplying IT services to local governments, it has teamed up with 7 other IT companies to address these issues. The goal was clear, but far from simple: enabling local governments to provide residents with services over the Internet reliably and in a user-friendly way.

The result is DCOM. The Municipal Data Centre (DCOM) is an information system unique in terms of:

The integration of systems and electronic services requires the cooperation of dozens of technology suppliers, and hundreds of cities and municipalities.

What does the project offer?
DCOM will provide approximately 1,500 cities and municipalities within Slovakia with free electronic services. This both reduces administrative workloads for city and municipal employees and gives residents access to 138 electronic local government services. It will save time and bring a level of comfort that has never existed before.


Technical Solution
Applications made available by the project to local governments allow secure use of data and provides a link with other public administration systems. At the same time, high-level information security is taken into account. DCOM systems use cloud computing, which will make even technically more demanding applications available to local governments. These local governments will be able to use the applications without having to install software in offices, so introduction of the technology will be fast and less expensive.
The project will gradually create a package of software solutions and make them available to all residents in regional eServices. Every citizen will gradually be able to utilise more and more services provided by local government. And all this from the comfort of home.


DCOM is being carried out in three phases:
Project implementation started in 2013. Currently, the project is technically completed and routine operation of services is being established in cities and municipalities. Comprehensive implementation included:

• 1st phase: Establishing the basic data centre infrastructure and building complex applications and components for delivering cloud services, while at the same time distributing and activating the necessary technology for cities and municipalities and starting access to the first package of applications.

• 2nd phase: Includes implementing applications to provide electronic services to people and businesses. The solution includes creation of the necessary modules for implementing the full electronic filing and delivery of documents and qualified electronic signatures related to electronic identity cards.
The public and municipalities can communicate electronically with all the advantages of a central infrastructure. For example, payments can be made through a single login, where integration allows the payment to be ready for immediate processing.

• 3rd phase: In particular, integrating with modules and centrally provided services in the Central Public Administration Portal (ÚPVS), registers and public administration information systems (ISVS). Further integration of selected public administration information systems, to facilitate implementation of specific services, such as screening vehicle owners in the national vehicle registry or retrieving data from the land registry. Such integration allows cities and municipalities to have current data on registered proprietorships and corporations, making administrative work much easier at offices.In parallel, the project also includes supplying the IT technology needed by municipal offices, extensive migration of existing data from existing municipal information systems and subsequent maintenance of them with user care.


How do we see the benefits of DCOM?
It will significantly improve the lives of people in Slovakia. Each project will save a lot of time, reduce excess administration and let offices function more transparently.




Awards received
Quality and the benefits received from the local government computerisation project were also confirmed by DATALAN winning the EuroCloud Award 2015. From among 40 competing projects out of 11 countries it was ranked among the top three projects for Best Cloud Service for Vertical Markets.
Both the technological solution and its overall impact for end users were also recognised with the Microsoft Industry Award 2015, with DCOM winning the top prize for DATALAN for Best Application Solution for Public Administration, Local Government and the Academic Sector.
Thank you.


Our goal is to transfer the benefits of the latest technology to the everyday life of our customers – citizens, and employees of municipal and urban authorities in Slovakia. I’m convinced the benefits of the DCOM project will attract attention not only internationally, but in particular it will be appreciated by the users themselves.

Ing. Adrián BELÁNIK
Executive Director

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