Slovak National Bank
Modernization of network infrastructure

The modernization project has brought an increase in the capacity and throughput of the bank’s network infrastructure.

The National Bank of Slovakia is one of our long-term customers. At present, the bank has successfully completed the modernization project for the network infrastructure. It has brought an increased capacity and transmission of the network infrastructure with regard to the current and expected future requirements of the NBS.
The comprehensive project included a complete analysis and a revision of the existing network infrastructure, the subsequent delivery of hardware and software network devices, their installation, configuration, and migration to new equipment. The actual exchange of the network components for the LAN and WiFi infrastructure transpired gradually over pre-defined comprehensive parts forming separate physical and/or logical units of the NBS network infrastructure to minimize the unavailability of production information systems and the unfavorable impact of exchanging infrastructure components for the main activities of the NBS. After the deployment, there followed the implementation phase and optimization of services provided by the network infrastructure. Within the project there was also processed the related technical and operational documentation for the network infrastructure. After completing the project DATALAN will provide service support to deliver a solution within the next eight years.

The customer initiated the project with us in early 2015. The project’s implementation is not being carried out only at the headquarters of the NBS, at Imrich Karvaša 1 in Bratislava, but also at other work centers in Bratislava and branches in the cities of Banská Bystrica, Košice, Nové Zámky, Poprad, Žilina, Kremnica and Starý Smokovec. All activities during the project are being carried out in close cooperation with the experts of the NBS Department of Information Technology.
The modernization of the network infrastructure in the NBS was implemented in exchange for the hardware and software components based on HP Enterprise Networking technology.

A comprehensive solution includes the implementation within:

We have created a new Core layer, where with IRF technology there was created one logical device with a two physical chassis, and we optimized the link switches of the access layer and the Core layer as well as the interconnection of the HTP and ZTP central sites.
In each customer site there was created a dedicated management network, the proprietary protocols were replaced by standard ones, the security in the access layer was increased, optimized the routing in the entire network with aggregation subnets and removing unused VLAN and IP segments in the network. At the same time, within technological improvements, we increased the capacity of the access port from 10/100M PoE for 1GE PoE +

The greater performance of encryption allows customers to simultaneously encrypt all data flow from the branches (business and best effort) and in the future increase the capacity of WAN links. The benefit is the even greater security ensured by separate routing, higher dynamics upon connecting the new branches provided by DVPN technology and, as with LAN, increasing the capacity of the access port.

Part of the implementation was also the optimization of the Wi-Fi infrastructure for Internet connection, where one WiFi controller functionally replaced the original three devices - switch, router, and firewall, also using a modern system to ensure the achievement of the higher security of the entire WiFi network.
As the supplier, we also ensure the central management for the administration of the WiFi access points and SSID for each AP and created a guest portal for the central management of temporary access to the WiFi guest network.

A central management tool was also implemented, providing performance monitoring, automatic backup configuration, central administration of the syslog, traps, and alarms, enabling the flexible extension of the functionality by adding additional modules, for example, the Wireless Services Manager, Endpoint Admission Defense, Network Traffic Analyzer, etc. We also deployed AAA services for network administrators and linked AAAs Active Directory to the customer for the authentication, authorization, and accounting of WiFi users.

For all switch server farms and access switches, we have deployed the technology that ensures the monitoring operation.
Within the physical installation we changed all the metallic patch cables (3500 units) in all the data substations, documenting their connection and also implementing the complete marking of all optical and metallic patch cables in the network.

The main advantages of the solution are clearly the cancellation of blocking lines and the increase of the total network throughput. By increasing the overall availability of the solutions, reducing the number of administered nodes, and using a single management tool to administer the networks, we simplified the infrastructure administration of the customer.

The total volume of the delivered and installed equipment accounted for 10 pallets, 1.8 m high. The extent of the project is also documented by the fact that only the physical wiring and migration of the access layer in 26 data substations and 2 data halls there were needed almost 1000 man-hours. The individual migration to the new equipment took place only at night and on weekends to minimize the unavailability of the production information systems and the unfavorable impact of exchanging infrastructure components on the main activities of the NBS. Overall, 22 people from our company participated in the project.

„The basic objective of the project was to modernize the network infrastructure of the NBS, which consisted mainly of replacing the obsolete equipment from the hardware and software supply of the network components, their installation and configuration, including analysis, the optimization and implementation of the services provided by the network infrastructure and the processing of the documentation for the network infrastructure. The modernization will also increase the capacity and throughput of the network infrastructure so that the services provided by the network infrastructure meet the current and anticipated future requirements of the NBS.”

Miroslav UHRIN
Executive Director of Financial Management, Information Technology and Economic Services
National Bank of Slovakia         

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