Generation Z, the digital era and modern technology


What technologies interest today’s students the most, and without which they can live in the digital era?

DATALAN as a partner of the Children’s Comenius University, not only organizes free online courses, which make available the lectures of top professors to children across Slovakia simply through a computer (more on, but every year also brings children an unforgettable experience with a special IT workshop.

Datalan expert kids are already familiar with the possibilities of tele-presentation, interactive learning, virtual classrooms, 3D devices, and this year there are more interesting technologies prepared for them, which help scientists and all of us in practice.

The 2016 IT Workshop, held on 22 and 23 August in Bratislava, was attended by more than 150 children. They learned everything we have found out drones and other modern technologies. The flying drones aka pilotless aircraft (also known as UAV- Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), the bravest on the ground also trying and achieving a pilot’s degree. How, thanks to drones and other modern technologies, we explore the fauna and flora in our forests, children coming to talk doctoral students from the Institute of Forest Ecology from the Slovak Academy of Sciences. The children were particularly interested in the infrared camera which they tested directly for themselves and also hemispherical photogrammetry which is used to map terrain and can make 360° panoramic images.



Children’s Comenius University students became familiar with drones
Source: TASR (video)

Children can also see drones at the children’s university

SPECIAL ATTACHMENT: Research among students
For young students belonging to so-called Generation Z, modern technologies are already a normal part of life. We asked them, without what they can imagine their lives in the digital era.Did the smartphone, tablet, or another device win? See the poll results.



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