Currently we offer selected software solutions and services in this area (SaaS - Software as a Service) and leasing of infrastructure and parts thereof (Platform as a Service). Cloud solutions provide our customers with increased flexibility in acquiring and deploying solutions and minimising the cost of investing in infrastructure, development and/or licences.

Services provided

- Solutions for managing documents, content, and processes
- Platforms for leasing corporate applications
- Business systems for managing corporate agendas
- Processing and analysing large volumes of data
- Remote backup of information systems
- Renting of computing power, storage, and data backup

Selected clients


Cloud infrastructure/Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

A modern cloud infrastructure and data centre for research located in a science park that can optimally and dynamically allocate hardware sources according to the needs of individual projects.


Electronic Local Government Services – DCOM/DEUS

DCOM focuses on computerisation of public administration and development of electronic services for cities and municipalities. Making eServices available to the general public will shorten administrative time in offices and increase their transparency.


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