Our priorities include flexible IT infrastructures with a high availability of applications and data. Solutions are designed, consulted and implemented by experienced and certified technologists. DATALAN has completed a number of unique projects, such as delivering Slovakia’s first science and research supercomputer and supplying a technical university with a virtual cave.

Solutions and services provided

- Designing and building data centres and data warehouses
- Designing, consulting, delivering and implementing heterogeneous info communication solutions
- Virtualisation services
- Data storage, backup and archiving
- Data security and monitoring of database activities
- Network design, implementation and security
- Supervising, monitoring and managing IT infrastructure, applications and processes
- Design and implementation of high and low current projects

Selected clients


Cloud infrastructure/Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

A modern cloud infrastructure and data centre for research located in a science park that can optimally and dynamically allocate hardware sources according to the needs of individual projects.


Data centre recovery/Kooperativa Insurance Company

The new data centre is easier to manage, and its overall performance many times higher compared to the original solution.


Electronic Local Government Services – DCOM/DEUS

DCOM focuses on computerisation of public administration and development of electronic services for cities and municipalities. Making eServices available to the general public will shorten administrative time in offices and increase their transparency.


Electronic services and object digitalisation /Slovak Republic Constitutional Court

Modern IT is streamlining the activities of the Constitutional Court and making electronic services intended for citizens and parties in legal proceedings accessible.


More modern and efficient IT infrastructure/University of Žilina

A safer, more efficient, more flexible and highly cost-effective IT infrastructure in a new design.


Slovakia’s first supercomputer /Slovak Academy of Sciences

Scientists at the Slovak Academy of Sciences and partner universities have had a supercomputer for complex calculations in basic and applied research ever since 2012.


Virtual Cave /Technical University in Zvolen

The University Auditorium for Science and Experimentation (HVEP) with its laboratory centres is intended for professional training of students at the highest level. It also includes a “Virtual Cave”, the only one of its kind in Central Europe.


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