Customers get the resources of hundreds of highest professionally certified staff with years of experience gained from large-scale projects in Slovakia and neighbouring countries, as well as in China, Oman and North America. Many unique solutions have come from us, including a customer self-service zone for more than 500,000 users for an international telecommunications operator, police records integrated internationally, a voice transcription solution, mobile apps for banking and health care.

Solutions and services provided

- Intelligent data management and searching with interpretation (semantic technologies, Natural Language Processing, Web 3.0)
- Customer and partner portals solutions to promote electronic communication, self-service zones and links with social networks
- Design and development of mobile services and applications, responsive design of web applications
- Management, optimisation and monitoring of processes (Business Process Management, Business Activity Monitoring)
- Management of corporate information and documents (Enterprise Content Management, Scanning & Capture)
- Data access and application control (Biometric digital signature, Identity and Access Management)
- Applications and methods for data collection, analysis and evaluation (Complex Event Processing, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence)
- Management of customer data (CRM)
- Knowledge-based systems designed to share information and for working teams to cooperation (eLearning, Knowledge Management)
- Design and implementation of service-oriented architecture and system integration of heterogeneous technologies
- Development of customised applications

Selected clients


A mobile application that helps save lives/Children's University Hospital, Košice

A newborn in critical condition battling for life at a local hospital. Examination, diagnosis by doctors. Transport to Košice necessary. An ambulance. Consultation about the diagnosis and further treatment at the clinic. Time is running out.


Branch office electronic signatures /Orange Slovakia

A modern solution delivered to Slovakia’s largest telecommunications operator for paperless electronic signing at dozens of its branch offices.


Customer Document Management/Orange Slovakia

Innovation at the telecommunications operator brought access to more than 100 million documents within a couple of seconds.


Digitá© helps local governments to be “smart”/ cities, municipalities and residents© is a new open platform bringing both local governments and citizens simple, quick and comfortable access to modern eServices. The app store leases products and services for a few euros a month under one roof, making top technologies available to any city or municipality.


Electronic Local Government Services – DCOM/DEUS

DCOM focuses on computerisation of public administration and development of electronic services for cities and municipalities. Making eServices available to the general public will shorten administrative time in offices and increase their transparency.


Electronic services and object digitalisation /Slovak Republic Constitutional Court

Modern IT is streamlining the activities of the Constitutional Court and making electronic services intended for citizens and parties in legal proceedings accessible.


Information (Document and Content) Management at all faculties/Technical University of Trnava

This project to streamline management of documents and university processes through modern IT is currently a prerequisite for academia to provide quality education.


Managing business relationships /Kooperativa Insurance Company

An effective solution for recording and evaluation business cases and activities being conducted by an insurance advisor.


Mobile banking /Sberbank Slovakia

Thanks to a new mobile application that responds to the need by bank customers to have services available anywhere, anytime, not only do they now have easy access, but also control and the ability to work with their finances.


Mobile City application – BSR/Bratislava Self-governing Region

A mobile application that delivers a modern, effective, immediate and targeted way for a region to communicate with its residents.


Modernisation of production management /Slovalco

A mobile application has brought more transparent management of production processes and better checking of compliance with set working procedures.


Modern online study and content digitisation/Alexander Dubček University in Trenčín

A virtual university allowing students to learn online and interactively communicate with educators.


Online calculation and processing of loans/Consumer Finance Holding

An effective solution for quickly granting loans offers customers better services, saves time and simplifies the work employees do.


Personalised banking services/Sberbank Slovakia

With a new module of personalised options, e-banking has changed from a passive portal to a space where a bank actively communicates with its customers.


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