DATALAN has been intensely focusing on the field of the Internet of Things and it is a provider of devices and sensors on Libelium platform, which creates a strong foundation for flexible, quickly and easily programmable applications on the principle of the Internet of Things and open source support.

A universal environment enables the implementation of any of intelligent devices connected to a wireless network - from smart parking systems to sophisticated solutions for science and research.

Selected devices:

Waspmote is an open-source device intended for developers. It is possible to connect almost any sensor to it and it is also universally connectable to many cloud platform. It has more than 110 sensors, intended for smart metering, smart water, etc.

Selected features:
Ultra low power consumption (0.7uA)
110+ sensors
17 radio technologies
Over the Air Programming (OTAP)
Encryption Library (AES, RSA)
Industrial protocols: RS-232, RS-485, Modbus, CAN-Bus, 4-20 mA


Waspmote Plug & Sense
Waspmote Plug & Sense are pre-made devices already containing sensor sets that you just connect to the network. They provide easy deployment, high scalability and connection to cloud platforms.

Selected feateures:
11 models integrating over 90 sensors
Robust waterproof structure meeting IP65
Supplementing or changing the sensor is a matter of seconds
Powered by solar energy
Radio: ZigBee, 802.15.4, 868, 900, LoRaWAN, Lora Sigfox, WiFi, 3G/GPRS and Bluetooth Low Energy
Over the Air Programming (OTAP)
Special fasteners enabling installation on street lights
Intuitive graphical programming interface



Meshlium is a router built on the Linux platform that acts as a gateway in the network of wireless sensors. It contains 6 different interfaces: WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHz, 3G/GPRS, Bluetooth, XBee and LoRa. Meshlium is easily integrated with mobile and traffic applications: Operates using solar power and a battery, therefore, the device is ideal for outdoor use as well.

Selected features:
Processor: 500 MHz (x86)
Power: 5W (18V)
Material: Aluminum 


Case Study: Monitoring of water quality and air quality in Oviedo, Spain

VisionTech4Life project focuses on research regarding the environmental impact of construction works and its mitigation. The project enables the measurement of water quality, air quality, noise intensity and other atmospheric parameters in real time, and the entire system is based on wireless sensor network and Libelium technology. The project is equipped with Waspmote Plug&Sense! sensors associated with Meshlium gateway with public IP address. One of the nodes is M2M connections and three others use Zigbee 802.15.4 communication protocol.

This system reduced the time for the measurement and monitoring of environmental impacts between 40% and 80%, and reduced latency in alarming situations by 90%. This method has brought 40% reduction in costs incurred in taking measures for correcting negative environmental impacts. The system not only allows minimizing damage, but also stops damage just at the moment when it starts happening.

This project has been deployed in the "Villapérez" water treatment plant, which is located in Oviedo (Asturias, Spain).



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