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We are currently the strongest partner specialising in the needs of towns and municipalities in Slovakia’s market. DATALAN’s Digitálne mesto® solution portfolio is intended to let residents digitally resolve everything in the comfort of their homes and for offices to greatly simply their routine work.

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Digitá© helps local governments to be “smart”/ cities, municipalities and residents© is a new open platform bringing both local governments and citizens simple, quick and comfortable access to modern eServices. The app store leases products and services for a few euros a month under one roof, making top technologies available to any city or municipality.


Electronic Local Government Services – DCOM/DEUS

DCOM focuses on computerisation of public administration and development of electronic services for cities and municipalities. Making eServices available to the general public will shorten administrative time in offices and increase their transparency.


Mobile City application – BSR/Bratislava Self-governing Region

A mobile application that delivers a modern, effective, immediate and targeted way for a region to communicate with its residents.


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