Web Application Protection in practice


Data leakage or misuse are now topics that companies, organisations or any institution should pay increasing attention to. Most of their data and sensitive information is online, which, in addition to a number of benefits, also poses great risks.

This also applies to web applications. As they are freely available from the Internet, they need to be sufficiently protected. Apps face various threats such as non-availability of service, leakage or compromise of sensitive data and information, and also customer data leakage. Traditional security solutions are not sufficient for web application protection.

To increase the level of protection, the Web Application Firewall (WAF) secures applications from attacks and provides a strong protection wall. We have implemented into our customer’s network infrastructure WAF from F5, which is a global application security specialist. The tool can detect, prevent, and protect against app vulnerabilities. It eliminates threats without the need to make changes to applications or the servers where applications run. WAF processes and checks about half a million requests per day at the customer’s premises.

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